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The Keys to Conscious Creation Online Course (Includes All 3 Keys)


Learn to Manifest Everything You Desire! This online course is based on my book, The Keys to Conscious Creation, and it contains all of the information that you need to consciously create the life of your dreams. This online course is interactive, and it's designed so that you can go at your own pace. There is so much important information provided, and the course should take approximately 6 1/2 hours to complete, but it can be done in multiple sittings or whatever timing works best for you. These are the keys to conscious creation that we will go through in detail. Key #1 Understand how the Universe works and who you are as a multi-dimensional being. Key #2 Know the importance of your energetic vibration and raise it to be more in alignment with your higher self. Key #3 Tap into what already exists as electromagnetic potentials within the quantum field of All That Is, and allow what you desire into the experience of your physical reality. I changed my life through an understanding of the information that I've included in my book and this online course. I went from living in poverty, while holding onto grief and sadness, and feeling alone and unloved, to living a life that I truly love. If I could change my life and turn everything around from the state that I was in, then anyone can do it, and that is why I put this information together. The information in this online course combines scientific information and ancient knowledge. There are lots of examples, and tips and tools for implementation. If you utilize this information, you will create all you desire. This is just how the Universe works, and you will see for yourself. It's time for you to know your power as a conscious creator!

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