Moon waters are made under the phase of each corresponding moon.  Coconut oil based and essential oil blend, nourishes the skin and hair with a touch of sparkle.


Waning Moon: 

Auric cleansing spray.   Use to rid negatiity, promotes releasing of bad habits, banishing, and letting go.  Scent of fresh roses with notes of honey and coconut.


Dark Moon: 

Made at the darkest phase of the moon.  Use to reduce stress levels, sleep better, relax, and unwind.  Brewed coconut water with lavender flower and eucalyptus leaves.


Waxing Moon:

Time of increased momentum.  A great spray to use when invoking energies of prosperity, new beginnings, time of action, and fertility.  Has a mystical scent of blackberries and damiana herb in a coconut base.


Full Moon:

The most powerful moon phase.  This spray can be used to release what no longer serves you.  Use to raise your vibration during the full moon and when you need to invoke the full moon energy.  Citrus blend with a hint of coconut.


Each listing is for one bottle only.  If you would like to purchase more, if they are available, you can adjust your order quantity.

Moon Water Body & Hair Mists