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Utilize the keys to creation to consciously manifest all you desire in life!  

The keys to conscious creation are:  

1)  Understand how the Universe works and who you are as a multi-dimensional being.  

2)  Know the importance of your energetic vibration and raise it to be more in alignment with your higher self.

3)  Tap into what already exists as electromagnetic potentials within the quantum field of "All That Is", and allow what you desire into the experience of your physical reality.

This book combines scientific information, along with ancient knowledge, and practical tools for implementation.  If you utilize this information, you will create everything in life you desire!  This is just how the Universe works, and you will see for yourself.  It is time for you to know your true power in creating your life experience!


The Keys to Conscious Creation (Soft Cover)


    The Keys to Conscious Creation is also available on Amazon

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